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 Charlie E. Scott III aka "Philosophy"


"As a Performance Poet, I relied on Kara's artistry of photography to enhance every moment that the crowd experienced, as well as my presence on stage. Her professionalism is at the top tier of the creative people that I have worked with. Her sharpened skill set and meticulous eye for detail are at the crux of her photography. She moved quietly throughout the crowd, never impeded the performance, and captured the perfect shot. She acutely brought the atmosphere and ambiance of the show to every photo. Kara is very easy to work with, her quality of pictures were unmatched, and she continues to exceed my expectations with her caliber of service."


Ana Reina

(Artist Manager/Consultant and

co-owner of Soulmanity101)


"Kara has been one of the best photographers I have ever worked with! I use her constantly for my clients, business and lifestyle shoots. She has a great eye for capturing an emotional moment or making a product shine. Her flexibility and creativity has brought forth some incredible and impactful shots. The difficulty lies in which pictures to choose or use since they are all amazing! I highly recommend her a thousand times over. You will not be disappointed."

Adam Lutsch aka

"MC Desperado"

(Hip-Hop Performer)


"Kara R. is first and foremost a very professional and punctual photagrapher. I hired her to take photos of me during a live hip-hop performance. She took over 50 pictures during the 15 minutes I was on stage. She was able to capture the lighting and also a drop of sweat coming down my face and it was an epic picture! She also took different angles and really made the photos look awesome. I didn't have to give her any special instructions, she was able to cover all my ideas without even saying a word. She was really a pleasure to work with and I recommend her to anyone that has a need for that perfect photographer."


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